Environmental Benefits

Less than 1% of total UK CO2 emissions are produced by rail, whereas 21% are produced by road.
Every tonne of freight carried by rail produces at least 70% less carbon dioxide than if it was moved by road.
Over the past six years, rail freight is estimated to have saved 6.4 billion HGV kilometres and 2 million tonnes of pollutants.

Choosing rail freight logistics makes sense both economically and environmentally:

A gallon of fuel will move 1 tonne of goods 246 miles by rail and only 88 miles by road on average.

An average train will save up to 60 HGV movements.

CO2 emissions are 70% less per tonne carried by rail than by road.

Rail transport means 15 times less NOx emissions.

And, it is a proven safer mode of transport.

Source: Freight by Rail