Humber Express shuttle service launched

16th November 2021

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new rail service, connecting the Port of Immingham and iPort Rail with the capacity to move 80 containers per day.

The Humber Express, a partnership between DFDS, one of Europe’s leading ferry and logistics providers and our team at iPort Rail. It is open to businesses across the region and nationwide wanting to make this route part of their supply chains.

Containers will arrive at Immingham by ship from destinations worldwide carrying a wide variety of goods. They will be loaded directly onto the train at the Port before being moved by rail to Doncaster and from there to onwards destinations across the country. At the same time, goods from across the UK can arrive in Doncaster for smooth transit to Immingham and onward to DFDS European network destinations. Services will run in both directions twice a day with capacity for 80 containers every 24 hours. 

Announcing the launch of the service, Steve Freeman, managing director of iPort Rail, said: “Rail is already a greener alternative for moving goods long distance by road and is being adopted by more businesses to help make their supply chains more sustainable. It also has an important role to play in keeping goods moving while the road haulage industry is under such pressure.

“New approaches and strong strategic partnerships are going to be increasingly important if businesses are going to maximise their potential in the current circumstances. This new service offers businesses a reliable and efficient route to and from the Port of Immingham with the option for customs clearance in Doncaster and seamless onward transit.”

Andrew Byrne, managing director of DFDS in Immingham, said: “The logistics industry is facing one of its largest challenges in a generation. There are additional complexities due to Brexit still impacting on supply chains, and the current shortage of lorry drivers is threatening to undo years of development of efficient just in time operations that rely on supply chains that operate equally as quickly and proficiently.

“With tens of thousands of containers, tank containers and trade vehicles moving in and out of the Port of Immingham every year the fact none of these are moved by rail is something that has long needed addressing. The Humber Express complements the efficient logistics and transport operations which already successfully run out of the Port of Immingham. I am delighted that DFDS and iPort Rail have had the courage and commitment to make it happen.”

Immingham is the fourth biggest port in the UK when measured by the number of units that cross the quayside.  In 2020 Immingham and Grimsby handled over 10% of all the units moved in and out of the UK, behind Dover, Felixstowe and London.  Whilst Felixstowe and London have regular and essential unitised rail services to and from the port, Immingham has only moved bulk or break-bulk products by rail, until now.

Businesses wanting to find out more can contact the team directly on +44 (0)1302 590 759.

Humber Express at iPort Rail Doncaster iPort Rail
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